Engineered for lightweight, quiet, reliable operation, the Coleman Four Stroke Outboard Motor is great for small boats, inflatable boats or used as an auxiliary trolling motor. It is compact and allows for easy shifting making this an ideal option when choosing your next motor. HP@rpm: 15 @5000 Length : 39.4-Inch Width: 16.8-Inch Height: 47.5-Inch Transom Height: 22.3-Inch Weight : 108-Pound Displacement : 323-Cubic Centimeter Control: Tiller Start: Manual Gear Position: Forward/Neutral/Reverse Trim and Tilt: Manual Tilt Max Fuel Consumption: 1.4 (gal/hr) Through the propeller hub exhaust CDI ignition system Innovative large recoil wheel FEATURES: Quiet efficient 4 stroke motor Thermostat controlled water cooling Oil level gauge indicator Heavy duty marine aluminum alloy Vibration reduction system Start in gear protection Twist grip throttle control Safety Lanyard Ultra low emissions